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King of Canada

By Paul Van Dyck

When one of our “Greatest” Canadians participates in a ghostly séance, he soon discovers that the Spirit World has a vastly different standard for Greatness. In this irreverent and whimsical dramatization of the life of Prime Minister Mackenzie King, we are asked to re-examination the country we once had and the country we want to have.

Visits for more information on performance dates & times, and advanced notice of ticket sales.

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A Feature Film from Grand Karma 

Directed by Gabriel Allard

Co-written by Gabriel Allard, Catherine Bérubé, and Paul Van Dyck

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The Harvester/Erwartung

A new 10-player version of Arnold Schoenberg’s Erwartung arranged by composer Aaron Gervais along with the newly orchestrated version of The Harvester (Aaron Gervais/Paul Van Dyck) for the same ensemble. With performers: soprano Stacie Dunlop and baritone Alexander Dobson; Ensemble Paramirabo; conductor/music director: Kevin Mallon; director Paul Van Dyck and composer/arranger Aaron Gervais.

From the creators of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, which the New York Times called “Magical” and “Jaw dropping”, comes a new theatrical adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Produced by Kidoons and WYRD Productions, and created and directed by Paul Van Dyck, Craig Francis, and Rick Miller, Frankenstein is the second of the "connection" trillogy (the third being Jungle Book). Using a rich soundscape, and the most advanced multi-media elements available for theatre, Frankenstein will delve deep into the original themes of the story: the staggering loneliness, and our attempts to overcome this disconnection with technologies. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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