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A dark comedy about an actor attempting to present a socially relevant performance piece, only to be derailed by a homeless woman who may in fact be a cursed sorceress.

Written by Paul Van Dyck

Directed by Moya O'Connell

 Produced by Brave New Play Rites

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King of Canada

Politics, Séances, and Dogs: The epic and irreverent history of Canada’s most unusual leader.

Written by Paul Van Dyck

Directed by Zach Fraser

 Produced by Infinithéâtre. 


Paradise Lost

A multi-media puppet adaptation of John Milton's 17th poem.


Written and Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by Rabbit in a Hat Productions

and Beyond the Mountain Productions

Winner “Best of the Festival Award”  Frigid Festival, New York City

Winner “Best of the Festival Award” Atlantic Fringe Festival, Halifax 

“Charismatic and flawless”  - Three Weeks (Edinburgh)


“Strikes with the force of devilish revelation.” - The Montreal Gazette

“This is the best theater that I have seen in a long time.”  

- Cultural Capital (New York City)

FIVE STARS – Winnipeg Free Press


The true of Esther Cox, a young bar maid from Amherst, Nova Scotia, who in 1879, became the subject of the most documented poltergeist event in North American history.

Written and Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by Rabbit in a Hat Productions

and Hudson Village Theatre


Like Van Dyck’s most recent hits, this one isn’t just well-written, smoothly directed and compelling to watch. It has that magical quality of ease and insouciance that lets a good yarn unravel like a ball of wool.”  – The Gazette


“Haunted is riveting story-telling at its best.” 

 – Westmount Examiner


“From the moment the cello and violin music greet the audience, you know that you are in truly professional theatrical hands.”

 - Rover Montreal Arts Uncovered

The Nisei & The Narnauks

The magical story of a Japanese Canadian girl who runs away from a World War II interment camp to find acceptance in the Spirit World of the Haida People.

Written and Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

& Persephone Productions 

Winner “Outstanding Contribution to Theatre”

Montreal English Theatre Awards


“Magic is afoot… Auteur director Paul Van Dyck continues to come up with surprises.”- Montreal Gazette

“Paul Van Dyck has created a lovely narrative full of terrific puppets and moments of sheer delight.” - Rover Arts

“It is to be commended for making the tragic 

into something magical.”  - Montreal Bulletin


Based on the 17th century novel by Aphra Behn, Oroonoko chronicles an African Prince’s journey into slavery and the woman who dared to tell his story.

Written and Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by Montréal, arts interculturels

& Persephone Productions


Winner “Outstanding Direction”

(Montreal English Theatre Awards)

“A play that takes on racial discrimination, women’s rights, class war, and colonialism, all at one sitting, is an ambitious project. But Paul Van Dyck’s remarkable adaptation of Oroonoko, manages to bring it all home.” 

 – The Montreal Gazette

Oroonoko is really quite a stellar piece of theatre.” – The Charlebois Post


Oroonoko moves, thanks in part to Van Dyck’s brilliant direction.” – Rover Arts

Blood Wild

Hiding out in a town with no name, the Jackson gang has just pulled off the ultimate holdup. But when the money goes missing along with their leader, these outlaws are about to discover just how wild the West can get. 


Written & Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by Rabbit in a Hat Productions

Winner “Le Prix Fred Barry” (Montreal Fringe)

3rd Place New Play Contest (Toronto Fringe)

“This tale of robbery and betrayal is riveting.”  – The Gazette

“Blood Wild’s aim is true.” 

Jim Burke – Theatre Funhouse  


“From the opening bars of “The Streets of Laredo” to the final swing of the saloon doors, the play had everyone in its leather gloved grip.” – Rover


“Blood Wild is a rip-snortin’ good time.” – Ontario Arts Review

When Memories Have Us

A site-specific docudrama based on interviews with Holocaust survivors living in Montreal. 

Written and Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by The Segal Centre


Finalist of the QWF Prize for Playwriting 


"Tackling the holocaust/memory through verbatim theatre made the immensity of the subject matter and the theme accessible as opposed to overwhelming... 

An absolute jewel of a play."

- QWF Awards Jury Comments

The Harvester

In a future where time can be captured in a bottle, one man chooses to live forever, even though he may be the last person on earth.

Written & Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by Rabbit in a Hat Productions

Winner “Best of the Festival Award” Atlantic Fringe Festival, Halifax 


“Normally, I’m not into science fiction. But Van Dyck is brilliant.” 

– The Montreal Gazette 


“Anything written and/or directed by Paul Van Dyck is guaranteed to be good, and The Harvester is no exception” – Rover Arts

“A beautiful play.” – Bloody Underrated 

“Paul Van Dyck has put together a terse, absorbing bit of theatre, filling it with the kind of detail we need to form a complete picture of his sci-fi world.” 

 – The Chronicle Herald (Halifax)

Miss Sugarpuss Must Die!

A hilariously dark vaudevillian romp revealing Montreal’s Queen of Burlesque and her alter-ego in the strip down of their lives.

By Holly Gauthier-Frankel & Paul Van Dyck

Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by Rabbit in a Hat Productions, Centaur WildSide Festival 

And The Segal Centre


Winner “Best Production” (Montreal Fringe Festival)

Winner “Best Costume Design” (Montreal English Critic Circle Awards)  


“When director Paul Van Dyck gets together with local burlesque queen Miss Sugarpuss to do a thriller, it's not going to be boring. Category: Must-See.” 

 – The Gazette


“It’s hard not to be completely enchanted by Miss Sugarpuss.”  – Rover Arts


“A wonderful erotic centrifuge at maximum velocity.”  – Montreal Mirror

“Don’t miss this tap-dancin’, drinkin’ n’ singin’, strippin’ n’ struttin’, turbo-entertainer.  She will melt your heart and get it racin’ too!” 

 – The Charlebois Post

The Cyclops 
When a patient at a psychiatric hospital falls in love with a young nurse, only in his imaginary world of music and magic can they be together.


Written, Directed, & Composed

by Paul Van Dyck
Produced by Rabbit in a Hat Productions 

& Centaur Theatre’s Wildside Festival

“A cabaret-style freak-show fantasy, with good live music and a four-member cast sparkling with talent.” – The Gazette

“The Cyclops, a fantastical new script by Paul Van Dyck, is not your mother’s musical.”

– Montreal Mirror

“What a delightful play! The Cyclops does not disappoint.” – Indyish

Sahara Crossing

The true account of one man’s perilous and

ill-conceived journey from Morocco to the Pyramids of Egypt.

Written & Performed by Paul Van Dyck

Directed by Robin Henderson

Produced by Rabbit in a Hat Productions

& Centaur Theatre Wildside Fesitval


“Inventive and honest and no holds barred, watching Van Dyck recall his trip is a trip in itself” – Hour

“Arm chair travelers and Lonely Planet addicts should love Paul Van Dyck’s account of his 2001-2002 trek across the Sahara to Egypt.” Glenn Sumi – Now


“This Paul Théroux type journey through

Africa is a hit” – The Senior Times

Kabarett: A Cheerical!

Socio-political sketch comedy inspired by Berlin Kabarett theatre

and Cheerleading.

Co-Written & Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by The Montreal All-Star Cheerleaders

& Centaur Theatre's Wildside Festival

“This local show is a gem. It mixes real social and political satire with cheerleading.

What more do you need to know?” 

Amy Barratt – Montreal Mirror

“A timely commentary on topics ranging from Canada's image in world politics, weapons of mass destruction, and public masturbation... The Montreal All-Star Cheerleaders could become one of the most talked-about acts in town. ” 

– The McGill Tribune

The Sum of All Cheers

Canada's most prized possession has been stolen: Terry Fox's sock!

Have no fear, The Montreal All-Star Cheerleaders are here.   

Co-Written & Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by The Montreal All-Star Cheerleaders

“Trust me, they are not like any archetypal cheerleading troupe you've ever encountered.

Bill Brownstein – The Montreal Gazette

“Smart, sassy women in short skirts - what could be bad?... In between we get some stinging Canadian history they certainly don’t teach you in grade school.” –


“This tale is not, in fact, "told by an idiot." There's a lot of talent behind it.”

 – Montreal Mirror


          “A hoot!

                        – Ottawa Online

Shakespeare: The Lost Play

Written by Jacob Richmond, Tadhg MacMahon and Paul Van Dyck

Directed by Alain Goulem

Produced by Repercussion Theatre

The Adventures of Mouse & Crab 
A Darwinian fable pitting friendship against survival as a mouse and a crab find themselves trapped in a hot air balloon set for the sun.


Written & Directed by Paul Van Dyck
Produced by Rabbit in a Hat Productions

“Van Dyck explores the dynamic of survival: the characters become friends, betray each other and use tactic after tactic, however brutal to get what they want from each other, just as humans do.” 

– The Ottawa Citizen

“The story started off as a cute children’s fable, but quickly took on dark themes... The result is a play about two approaches to evolution, pitting the mouse character’s core morality against the crab’s Darwinian view.”  – The Brockville Recorder and Times

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