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Underground Toys


(Runtime 45m34s)

When a vintage toy collector’s vlog gets derailed, their childhood playthings 

become the means of releasing their rage against the outside world.


Based on Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Written, directed, edited, and performed by Paul Van Dyck

Digital projections by Jeremy Eliosoff

Dramaturgy by Bryan Wade as part of UBC's MFA Creative Writing program

Produced by Rabbit in a Hat Productions



(Runtime 19m22s)

A MOTION AWAY, directed by acclaimed theatre director Paul Van Dyck (Oroonoko, Paradise Lost, The Harvester) is a look into the deep and repetitive cycles which are found in family relationships, particularly the strong, yet sometimes destructive, relationship between mother and daughter. With little more than a subtle pause, and a choice word, no other person knows just how to tear you apart as a mother does.

A Bright Young Things​ Production 

Directed by: Paul Van Dyck​
Written by: Adrian Saldanha​

Starring: Caroline Gauthier​, Jane Wheeler​, Eric Davis​, David Noel​, & Jolie Olympia Choko

Cinematography by: Stephen Baxter​
Music by: Pierre Desmarais​

Producers: Adrian Saldanha & Caroline Gauthier
Co-Producer: Adam Bernett​

"We do not choose our parents. They have a lot to account for that."

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