(Runtime 19m22s)

A MOTION AWAY, directed by acclaimed theatre director Paul Van Dyck (Oroonoko, Paradise Lost, The Harvester) is a look into the deep and repetitive cycles which are found in family relationships, particularly the strong, yet sometimes destructive, relationship between mother and daughter. With little more than a subtle pause, and a choice word, no other person knows just how to tear you apart as a mother does.

A Bright Young Things​ Production 

Directed by: Paul Van Dyck​
Written by: Adrian Saldanha​

Starring: Caroline Gauthier​, Jane Wheeler​, Eric Davis​, David Noel​, & Jolie Olympia Choko

Cinematography by: Stephen Baxter​
Music by: Pierre Desmarais​

Producers: Adrian Saldanha & Caroline Gauthier
Co-Producer: Adam Bernett​

"We do not choose our parents. They have a lot to account for that."