The true of Esther Cox, a young bar maid from Amherst, Nova Scotia, who in 1879,

became the subject of the most documented poltergeist event in North American history.


Written and Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by Rabbit in a Hat Productions

& Hudson Village Theatre


“Once again Rabbit in a Hat Productions has come up with an amazingly good show on a shoestring budget. 

Like Van Dyck’s most recent hits (penumbra and Paradise Lost), this one isn’t just well-written, 

smoothly directed and compelling to watch. It has that magical quality of ease and insouciance that 

lets a good yarn unravel like a ball of wool.” 

Pat Donnelly – The Gazette


“I can’t say enough about Paul Van Dyck… Haunted is riveting story-telling at its best; compelling, well-written, laugh-out-loud funny, imaginative, and downright horrifying…This production is not to be missed!” Toula Foscolos – Westmount Examiner


“From the moment the cello and violin music greet the audience, you know that you are in truly professional theatrical hands. Even the most skeptical of us can enjoy the seamless playwriting, the flawless direction and truly inspired acting in this event.”

Anna Fuerstenberg - Rover Montreal Arts Uncovered


“Haunted is one riveting, brilliantly written, 

and superbly cast play.”  

James Parry – Your Local Journal, Hudson, QC


“The entire production comes together to set a perfect balance of fear, laughs and dramatic moments in another winning play.”  

Kristina Edson - Première Édition


“Haunted is so very good! Theatre-goers should be running to the box office for tickets!” 

Sharman Yarnell – CJAD Radio


“I strongly recommend that you take in this excellent piece of theatre.” Carolyn Flower – Hudson Gazette