The Nisei & The Narnauks

The magical story of Japanese Canadian girl who runs away from a World War II interment camp to find acceptance in the Spirit World of the Haida People.

Written and Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Produced by MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

& Persephone Productions 

Winner “Outstanding Contribution to Theatre”

Montreal English Theatre Awards


“Magic is afoot… Auteur director Paul Van Dyck continues to come up with surprises.”

Pat Donnelly - Montreal Gazette


“The Nisei and the Narnauks is a colourful, delightful play that doesn’t sugar coat this 

part of Canada’s ugly history, but still manages to make the story palatable 

and fun for both children and adults.” Sarah Deshaies - Cult Montreal


“I recommend this show for story-listeners of all ages and walks of life. It opens up the discussion of a long-forgotten dirty secret of Canadian history and leaves hope for future forgiveness.” 

Laurent Pitre - The Concordian


“The magic of this theatre piece is the marriage of the history of Japanese interment in Canada with the legends of the indigenous peoples of British Colombia. This may sound like a dark and heavy place to go, but director-writer Paul Van Dyck has created a lovely narrative full of terrific puppets and moments of sheer delight. Highly recommended.” 

Anna Fuerstenberg - Rover Arts


“Despite the potentially heavy subject matter, it’s all carried off with a light touch which still manages to stir the emotions and encourage searching questions. ”

 Aleksandra Koplik - Rover Art


“It is to be commended for making the tragic 

into something magical.” 

Junji Nishihata - Montreal Bulletin